How to Structure Your Google Ads Accounts?

Account Level

At the account level, you will set up business information and billing. If you have more

than one location that requires separate billing, you will want to set up 2 separate

accounts. If these accounts will be very similar, you can build one to completion and

then use Adwords Editor to copy the campaign to the other account.

Campaign Level

Most smaller/local businesses will not require a large number of campaigns. But the

more services or products you offer the more campaigns you will need. Here are the

things that you need separate campaigns for:

1. Different location targeting

2. Different service offering (Landscaper who does design and construction would

need a design campaign and a construction campaign.)

3. Different ad scheduling

4. Any campaigns that are different campaign types. (I.E.: Search, Display,

Remarketing, Call-Only, Video)

Ad Group Level

Ad groups are the most important part of campaign structure. The way to look at ad

groups is this: they are really keyword groups, but called ad groups.

It is essential that you keep the list of keywords in each ad group VERY closely related.

You must be able to send them to the same ads AND the same landing pages. This

means that you have to include each keyword in the ad and multiple times on the

landing page if you want a high quality score.

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