Why my Google Ads are not showing?

Ads Creation is a creative part and after lots of research, analysis,implementation,experiments with texts & media,its very frustrating that my ads are not running.

I am getting lots of messages in my FB group and in many other groups that why my ads are not showing etc.I have evaluated some possible issues by which Your ads might not be showing in google ads results:-

1.Billing Issue:-

There might be billing problem like you may not have entered correct payment details or your card may have been expired.Here is below screenshot to show the error.

google ads’ billing issue

2.Paused Campaigns:-

Most possible reason is that your campaigns/Ads/Keywords or Ad Groups are paused which is stopping your ads to run effectively.

For that you must have check all ads and keywords in a Campaign or Ad Group that all are enabled otherwise you will be getting the same error in Ad preview Tool.

google campaigns/ads/keywords paused

3.Disapproval Issue:-

It may be possible that your ads are disapproved.For that confirmation, You can check in Ads tab by selecting specific campaign.Check the status in front of Ad.IF it is disapproved then check what is the reason for disapproval and try to resolve that error/issue by understanding the reason and after that you can resubmit ads and check the status again.

4.Location Targeting Mismatch:-

Lets assume we are targeting only India location to run ads and we are searching our ads visibility status in United States, then its location mismatch.Its better to add the targeting location on which you want to show your ads.

5.Negative Keyword Conflicts:-

After all above possible check points, there might be an negative keyword which is prohibiting your ads to show on particular keywords with negative keyword conflicts.For that remove the negative keyword from list.

6.Budget Limit Reached:-

If your daily budget spending limit reached then also your ads will be stopped being to show.There is 2nd scenario also i which you have set the bid of your keywords greater than your daily budget then also budget limit will be reached and your ads will not increase the daily budget or add the funds in your ad account.

7.Wrong Ad Scheduling:-

If you have setup your ads to run on particular time period or particular days.Then your ads will not be showing other than your scheduled time/day period.

8.IP Blocked:-

Its is possible that you have blocked your IP address to block ads to show on your IP address or specific IP addresses.For resolution, You have to remove those IP addresses from setting of your campaign.

9.Ad Account Under Review:-

If you have checked all above possible reasons then it is 99% chance that your account is under review. Before 2018,if account is under review then it was showing clear message in ad preview tool that
“Your account is currently under review. We periodically review accounts for security purposes and to verify billing information, which takes about 2-3 business days. Your ads won’t show during this time period, but they’ll automatically be eligible to show again as soon as the review is complete”¬†and “this is completely normal so don’t worry”.

But after 2018, there is only simple message that “your ads are not showing.We can’t determine the possible reason“.

For newly created accounts,Its is 100% possiblity to go into review process.

This is normal process to verify the billing details,Ads,Keywords,Website etc.

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