Now days, Many of newbies asking me to provide them coupon code Google Ads, so to ease of all of you guyz,, i am creating this blog to access coupon code guide by yourself.

First You will see this screen after entering your billing details:-

google ads billing page

Step 1.Search on google “google ads coupon” and click on first link/ad of

Step 2.You will see below page and put your email address of google ads account:-

Step 3.Now you will see below page and You will recieve Promotional email from google containing 2000 INR coupon code:-

Step 4. Copy that code and save it in notepad

Step 5. Now click on billings & payments and then Settings from left side menu.

Step 6. Now scroll down to page and you will see below page of manage promotional code option and click on it.

Step 7. Now enter your copied coupon code from email into promotional code box.

Now You can see the active promotion coupon code worth of 2000 INR and There will be a eligibility criteria for usability of this code.

I hope all steps are clear and ease to use.Any question arise in your mind,don’t hesitate to contact me.